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FIXREMONT is a turnkey residential renovation company offering design projects from the Zhilins brothers, TOP 100 best interior designers in Russia.

The project, which started with a team of 3 people, in 2 years of cooperation within the scope of business architecture has grown to 30+ people and offices in two cities: Moscow and Saint Petersburg, RU.


At the start of the work we were given 3 main tasks, which had been successfully completed:

1. Enterprise architecture: to describe and build the company's business processes, select and configure tools for teamwork, hire and train employees.

2. Marketing management and ensuring sustainable revenue growth: to form sales department and sales funnels, calculate the sales plan and motivation of sales managers, select and set up sales department automation through end-to-end analytics, CRM and advertising campaigns.

3. Change Management: to take the positions of Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Head of Marketing and Head of IT at the company and ensure the stable operation of the company for the period of change.


Some achievements and numbers:
  • Increased annual turnover rom $46k to $1.8 million
  • Effective end-to-end analytics and automation of sales and marketing.
  • Creation of own unique IT tool for calculation of commercial proposals, project management, order picking and construction works.
  • 200+ interviews to build an effective team.
  • Hired an operations director from a major competitor in our industry when exiting the project.
Unfortunately, the company could not survive the Covid-19 pandemic, but it allowed us to disclose our involvement in this project with the approval of the owners.

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